We help businesses get into the military market place

I founded Leading Points Corporation in 2004 while still serving active duty as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.

With 20 years active duty as a commissioned officer, I realized that the system I worked with every single day often confounded civilians. The procedures that were a matter of habit to me were an impediment to outsiders — those businesses trying to place good products into the military system. It was plain that a service was needed to slash red tape, interpret confusing regulations and specifications, and make sense of the military way of doing things.

The concept proved successful. Drawing on established relationships and continuously building new ones among buyers and management of the military stores has helped businesses of all types to go from overlooking a powerful market to virtually overnight success in case after case. Using the judgment of our seven member advisory board composed of Chief Warrant Officers to Three Star Generals, we carefully prescreen our clients to ensure that our relationships with the military retailers is long-lasting and mutually profitable.

Leading Points continues to grow. Our core capabilities consist of helping client companies penetrate a recession-proof market of 34 million individuals: active military, their families, and veterans. The future looks very bright.